Pure VT dirt crack

Headed out last weekend for some early season dirt roads.

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I mentioned before that my focus for the season is a strong mind and body.

Progress has been noted. Looking towards the season.

After months os prep, I have recently hopped back on the Moots, on the trainer.  Which is a great place to play with position.

M2 mentioned some ideas recently about the fit of the bike that I never really thought about.  Over the 15 years of working on bikes, I never focused on the fit of them too deeply, I would rather make them work to Pro standards.

Swapped out a seatpost, increased the set back.  Bam all of a sudden I am much more settled and comfortable on the bike.

A little bike ride in April will really help me see the strength come back.

Now, to think about creating more efficiency on the road.

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A great morning spent snow shoeing behind the house with Kris and the dog.  About an hour of breaking trail and scouting out some new areas.  Lots of deer beds up high, though no moose tracks today.


Headed up to Sleepy Hollow for, what I thought would be a shortish ski.  I felt really off on skis all week, form went out the window and could not find a reliable balance point.  My Thursday night ski really turned me off.  My only goal was to finally ski the entire Hinnesburg Hill loop, as up until today I only have gone to the top of the first climb when the trail splits.  Skied it all today, a 5k loop, where you climb up to 1,300 ft., then a ripping 2k decent to 900ft, followed up by the climb back up to 1,300.  Beautiful snow in the sun, perfect wax and a great practice in v-1 skiing for 15 minutes.

Power Gel at the top and some water.  Revived skied back down towards Molly’s Meadow via Ridge Road, Bear Claw, back onto Ridge Road then Zig Zag.  Drink stop in the Meadow, watching prep for Sunday’s races.  Up up again, Bishop trail to the Butternut Cabin, down the Butternut cabin Trail, some bushwacking onto Upper Saddle, to Sap Run to Lower Saddle and finally Liberty Meadow Trail.

All told, two and a half hours and a fudge brownie waiting at home.

Looks like Sunday will be a tour of Bolton Valley with fellow Grass Moots rider Matt.

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As Matt and I skied last Sunday we talked about races, goals, dreams and history.  The upcoming season was the focus, with our prep plans and the races we wnat to ride.  While we V-1-ed a climb I really started to think about what I  wanted in the coming season.   I found my answer atop the climb.  I thought back to the years past and what I accomplished on the bike, then the years that I “took off” to pursue graduate school and a new career.  Right now I have finished the first push of graduate school, so that I can teach kiddos; with the next step my thesis in about 2 years off.  My focus has returned to family, work and myself.  Do I want to win endurance events again?  Yes, but it probably won’t happen in the near future.

What I realized I want is to have that strength again, both physically and mentally to compete and finish these events.  For a few years my life revolved around the Jay Challenge and the 24 hours of Great Glen.  I really feel proud that I have placed top 5 in both races overall, and won both single speed events.

During grad school I could not put the focus on spending the time and money to train for and compete in these events.  Now that I have some of the money and the time, my riding, skiing and running has a focus; to create a body and mind that is capable of riding and finishing these events.  Subconsciously my body is prepped through; yoga, weight bearing hiking, running, skiing and a return to a (mostly) whole foods diet.  These goals will not take over my life again.  But the adventure, pain and growth will be apart of my life again; which is why we all do these endurance events in the end.

The focus is key to train and ride.  Ride with compete mindfulness.

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As I bound into Feburary I thought it would be a good idea to post some info on whats been happening here in the frosty north.

Early Janurary: The germ factories at school gave me something good, which manifested itself into a sinus infection.  My doctor did not want to perscribe anti-biotics, so I “waited it out.”  Two mucus filled weeks later and a  nice dose of meds I feel great.  In that time we also started to receive a load of snow, which I made proper use of and snowshoed; alot.  About 4 times a week the pup and I would walk across the horse padock behind the house and start the 1,000 ft climb up the small mountain in our backyard.  Each day busting a new track and tracking moose, not high aerobic activity, but a natural stair stepper, that helped my body get stronger, again.

Late January-Early February:  Nordic skiing, skate and classic.  Once I felt like a million bucks again I hopped back onto the skinny skis.  The last two seasons I have avoided big plastic boots and heavy tele skis for very light equipment.  I have spent most all of my time at Sleep Hollow XC Center down the road from the house, which is old school skiing at its best.  Forget the wide open dual skate lanes of other resorts.  What they have are narrow, twisting trails, wide enough for one skater, sometimes less.  With names like Kamakazi Kasi, Trois Montanges, Jedi and Lightsaber how can you go wrong.  Skiing there has really made me a much more technical skier.  Over the weekend Grass Moot rider Matt Montros and I headed to Trapps Family Lodge to get in a 2+ hour skate.  This was my first time skating with someone else in about 2 years, which was awsome.  I got a great workout in, skied amazing trails groomed amazingly after the foot of new snowfrom the night before, and I discovered that taking tele turns on skate skis is not a normal thing to do!

Next up: How 2011 is unfolding before my eyes.

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Best ride ever.

Yes we made it around the pond.

Looking forward to continuing it for a long time.

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Honeymoon ride

South of Beartooth Pass, 12k feet

Rolling double track, in the granny gear

Favorite ride of the year

Makes me want to find a Colorado job

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